About Us

About Us

Chainverses is Asia’s first integrated financial technology magazine that delivers relevant information to meet today’s discerning market needs. We pool together the top industry professionals and subject-matter experts into a top-notch resource pool.

We bring you a wealth of updates, knowledge and knowhow to empower your understanding and journey as a fintech-savvy investor, industry professional and smart consumer. Embark on an amazing discovery into the world of fintech, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, decentralization and industry news. Our articles and contents are relevant, easy to read and provide real-life fintech solutions, applications and answers to your questions and interests!

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to be the Global Market Leader specializing in Financial Technology (Fintech) for the Chinese language medium.
  • In everything we do, we are:
    – technology-driven
    – market-focused
    – customer-centric
  • As a pioneer of the Blockchain and Fintech, informative publishing medium, we continuously aim to provide the best-in-class reporting and insights geared towards the creation of an open financial future that supports the global community.

Our Mission

  • We provide authoritative first information about the cryptocurrency world or technology and make it easy to digest for everyone.
  • We aim to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency news primarily in the Chinese language and bilingual mediums.
  • We serve up deep insights and the latest news from market leaders, upcoming companies and unearth potential discoveries within the industry
  • We are here to share quality, updated insights across all important aspects of cryptocurrencies and link our readers to all the industry leaders, companies and facets that matter.
  • We address key issues, challenges and opportunities within the dynamic and rapidly changing cryptocurrency world.

Core Value

At Chainverses, we are dedicated towards the deliverance and sustainability of these core values that dictate the way we think and work. These are our operating philosophies that guide Chainverses’ conduct and relationship with our readers, customers, strategic partners, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.


To provide the latest comprehensive information of industry or technology to worldwide Chinese readers to the first and preferred news sources.


To provide comprehensive knowledge of business solutions and skills linked to fintech, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, trading platforms and other relevant topics.


To educate readers to cultivate wisdom and sincerity to co-create wealth together while shaping an affluent community that thrives with rewarding and prosperous lifestyles.


To develop and empower readers towards their dreams through a treasure trove of knowledge, skillsets and comprehensive information provided through the magazine.